The Third Way (Hand On The Torch Vol II)

© Us3 2013

The Third Way (Hand On The Torch Vol II) The Third Way (Hand On The Torch Vol II)
© Us3 2013

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Track Listing
1. Never Go Back (ft KCB & Tukka)
2. Be Bop Thing (ft Akil Dasan)
3. Gotta Get My Hustle On (ft Tukka & Akil Dasan)
4. I Want One Of Those (ft Akil Dasan)
5. The Out Crowd (ft KCB)
6. Wha’ G’wan? (ft Tukka)
7. Beautiful (ft Akil Dasan)
8. Keep Your Head Right (Keep Your Fist Tight) (ft Akil Dasan & KCB)
9. Dance With Me (ft KCB & Tukka)
10. What Would You Do? (ft KCB, Tukka & Akil Dasan)
11. Are You Nuts? (ft KCB)
12. If You’ve Got It Flaunt It (ft Tukka)
13. I’m Goin’ (Come Along) (ft Akil Dasan)
14. You’ll Never Come Close (ft KCB)

Album Lyrics

1. Never Go Back (ft KCB & Tukka)
Uhh ahh, nah , forget it, no way
Never going back fast forward
Call it what you must
I call it a bust, its over no wins
Lose my math don't bother calling
Don't backspin comeback?
Who asking no haps
Thought alone got me bout to snap
Passport hopping so Louis bags stay packed,
After that what went down
Never go back

Outta de fire jump inna a de pan
Tek me off de track put me back pon de high road
Nah check me rear view, done see de light widda clear view
Me never goin’ back!

Gave it a try felt bad vibes can't lie
Didn't workout, its doe or die
I'm focused next chapter
Life goes on gone
Quantum leaps where once before
I'm out no doubt moved on
Keep moving
You can't hold me down
Stay doing what I'm doing
Doing it well
Snapped back as well
Heaven on earth the future
And peace I'm getting use to

Don’t get me wrong
Certain tings me miss, yes as weird as it seems
Um! Like de money and de dollars and de cream
But soon as me brain streams, remember de extreme
It all disappear like a bad dream (fe real)
Dats why I stay far from de edge
Me never trust nuttin’ weh have two face pon dem head
Life too short to carry crosses to bed
Dats why I never goin’ back!

Sayonara, arrivederci
Me nah look back even if you want pay me
Could a de last place pon Earth
Trust me you nah see me
Must tink she me mad, simple or crazy (fe real)

Never going back, stubborn
It's a wrap, fade to black
Uh huh finto that's that
Onto the next
Nonstop express, onward
No looking back, blessed faced forward,
No wasting time nowadays on my grind,
Rewind nah forget about it, another time,
If I never do it again I'll be just fine
Going back, never that
Feet up reclined

2. Be Bop Thing (ft Akil Dasan)
Well it's a bebop thing, the way that we got swing
Got things to make you that see we got wings
We fly, higher than the tree tops in
Your mind state, elevated from the beat I bring
To see the future... Nah, we don't need I Ching
We gonna rock heads harder than police my friend
We got more funk than every single knee sock in
The laundromat... Let the sax ease on in... Cmon

They wanna know why we always try to push the limits
Hook to finish, the reason I don't look to gimmicks
To make em dig it, I go to war like a frigate
And fight the inner urges and inner critics
And it's a vicious, battle; survival of the fittest
Live for you to kick it and vibe without a grimace
I took a minute aside just to slide you an explicit
Sign without a picket, that it's time to listen

He bop, she bop and we bop
B-boys are gonna be bop if we drop
The right beat, props to the people that we watch
That keep rocking out even after the beat stops
I let ‘em go till the birds and bees bop
To make y'all dance till both of your knees lock
I get down like Ewoks on Endo
Here I go, let it flow, let em know, That I'm dope, cheerio
Tell em yo…

3. Gotta Get My Hustle On (ft Tukka & Akil Dasan)
Don’t know anyone right now
Who nah feel a de pressure
(Feel it bad now)
Government a mek some funny decisions
And nah tink bout de people
(I don’t know how)
Unemployment rise up
Jobs dem scarce and all de bills dem comin’ in a comin’ in
Everybody strugglin’ de people a sufferin’
A matter of time yo before de place pop!
I cannot tek dis life
I’ve got to feed my wife
System’s left me no choice
I’ve gotta get my hustle on

Times are tough; people can't find a buck
Gotta find 900 or find a bus
Prices up; people living nice and plush
Keep jumping out of windows; life is rough
I see broken glass, coke and grass
Melle Mel had it right man culture clash
Don't cry you supposed to laugh, but
Somebody went broke when I wrote this rap
Got beef trying to make ends meet
When you ten weeks behind on rent its a tense week
Gotta stay strong and pretend like nothing wrong
Y’all know why, gotta get my hustle on

Now everybody’s hustlin’, de pressure is bubblin’
De yoots pon de street a sell keys dem jugglin’
If dem not jugglin’ dem better start musclin’
De rich to de poor dem smugglin’
Me nah find it puzzlin’ me find it troublin’
De world and de friend right now dem strugglin’
Pace is quickening de tension kickin’ in
Stop punish de people we’re sufferin!
I cannot take dis life
I’ve got to feed my wife
System’s left me no choice
I’ve gotta get my hustle on

4. I Want One Of Those (ft Akil Dasan)
Look at it shine, that twinkle in my eye
When I see whatever it is I think I wanna buy
You got one... and you know, it'd a be a lie
If I say I didn't want one too... I wonder why...
Could it be, the way they look at me; how I look at you,
Took a few minutes to admit it, but it wouldn't do
If I left, knowing I'm really depressed
Without getting what I want, I should give it a rest but yo
I want one of those, I need one of those
I can't live, can't breathe... Gimme one of those
It'd match with my winter and my summer clothes
One of those gonna make me a real stunner yo...

And now that I got one, I need another yo
Before everybody else got a couple so
Let's go, take the money even though I know
Next month two of these might not cut it yo
I want another one right now to take away
Lay away ain't my thing, so lemme pay today
And after this one, yeah I'm a take a break
But I need two right now can't wait a day
I want two of those, need two of those
Can't live, can't breathe... Gimme two of those
People looking at me like it's beautiful
Lemme get another it's business as usual

I got a big one, he got a small one,
She got a short one, they got a tall one
If you don't call one of those really awesome
Well I don’t know exactly where y'all from
Round here everybody got one or two
And everybody want another, ain't nothing new
I gotta have one of those and a couple new
Ones coming out soon so what you gonna do?
You want one of those, you need one of those
You can't live, can't breath... Get another yo
I'm heading out to the spot... Y'all wanna go
To get another one of those... Who wanna roll?

5. The Out Crowd (ft KCB)
Outside looking in a circle of friends snickering,
They cold, blistering, tripping
The in crowd
Are they?
Right, and I'm with Sade
Walk around cocky, think they're down,
Circus Soleil, bunch of clowns
The in crowd, I look round thinking how,
I'm big city, they yokels small town
Wow, look at us like we wilding
The outsiders, outcast all in
This crowd in, stand your ground
Say it loud
I'm in with the out crowd

The role portrayed is vague
There's no way, these losers make first place they’re too dazed
What they claim a fallacy
Out if bounds, far from reality
Spaced out in another galaxy
In crowd?
Hard to believe hardly
Off speed late to the party
Too plastic, Kens and Barbies
In there mind Godly, gotta be insane
Inebriated feeling no pain
If they the in crowd, things done changed
In my opinion, I think they’re lame
Wacked out, bizzaro personas hollow
Wilding, and they think they're styling
Profiling, look at us smiling
The outsiders, outcast all in
This crowd in, stand your ground
Say it loud
I'm in with the out crowd

Plain to see this crew too cliquey
Out of your league, high esteem
Endless cream
With no virtue, attitudes rude
Words curse you, don't let them hurt you,
They wrong, don't try and fit in, stay strong,
The world don't revolve around them at all,
They small minded, stand tall
The in crowd?
Laugh out loud, really?
Malarkey stand down
I look around thinking how
I'm bug city, they yokels small town
Wow, look at us like we wilding
The outsiders, outcast all in
This crowd in, stand your ground
Say it loud
I'm in with the out crowd

6. Wha’ G’wan? (ft Tukka)
Well as a youngster I was known as a real Casanova
Real “G”
De gal dem, dem hot flava
Cheeky chap but never have bad behaviour
De kinda guy you daddy would a done fraid a
Step through de gate, daddy heart start fe murmur
“Daddy this is Tukka”
Him no smile him no answer
Feel him mind a tick
“A weh you do wid me daughter?”
De glare weh him gimme woulda kill a dozen soldier
Try fe hold me calm, be mature, act older
De gal she get wild and fling her legs all over
Now I’m in danger, I feel de man temper
And in de back of me mind me a just tink say…

Wah g’wan?
Me see how you lookin’ at me

Now I’m gettin’ older
Different decade, different scenario
Now a college yoot
Woulda tink me woulda settle down
But as a matter of fact me get worse
Too much flava
Too much nationality to saviour
Voluptuous to slender
Cheerleader to who a study to be a doctor
Bring it round yah
I’m on top a me game a like a premiership baller
Anyting me touch bounce fe score yah
Ain’t no surprise when you see me pon campus
I juggle wid one’n’two gal I cause rumpus
I don’t know what it is, dem call me a minx
De gal dem surround me
Me a sing she

Wah g’wan?
Me see how you lookin’ at me

Now it’s funny how de world go round in full circle
Situations from de past turn round and bite you
It’s like de father a say
“You lickle retch you! You tink weh you do as a yoot wouldn’t come ketch you?”
I’m a big man now wid three pickney
And two a dem a gal child
Ya feel me?
Me nah lie, me want send dem go a nunnary
And throw away de key, release dem when deh 43
Check dis
Me inna me house, sit down comfortably
Me youngest baby come in wid a bro’, yes de size of me
But game recognize game
Before she mention him name
It fly inna him brain weh me a tink say

Wah g’wan?
Me see how you lookin’ at me

7. Beautiful (ft Akil Dasan)
The minute I saw your face I was on the case
Looking to find a way to show you that your beauty isn't commonplace
I couldn't believe it when you said you couldn't see it
Somebody musta broke your heart to pieces like reeses
Either way, I let the truth guide like a beacon
I gathered all the pieces up and tried to buy freedom
So we could runaway scot free into a dream and
You could see the gorgeous lady in the mirror that I'm feenin

If ony you could see that you’re beautiful

On point like a freckle, shining like a bezel
A boat race so fine I gotta get the vessel
The 411, is that you're very special
Brown eyes picking me up like an espresso
My tan angel, the hourglass can't change you
You looking better today than on the first day that I came through here
To claim you, and ever since then you know that I been faithful
So if you wanna kiss I'm going in like your navel cuz
I’m able, to picture you when I'm away and I can say
That I'm afraid to lose you so don't leave me if I gotta play
A gig abroad, I'll be dreaming of your giggle on
The red eye, and hoping when I see you we can get it on
You're such a beauty, my duty as a poet
To make sure that you know it, even if you never notice
That your lovely, I’ma teach you how like the dougie
Train you like a puppy cuz love you really lucky

If ony you could see that you’re beautiful

Looking in my daughters eyes, years later makes me wanna cry
Too many people never see a dream come alive
You can shoot mad people with a 45
But you can't kill what I feel, cause I'm the sorta guy
That's gonna love you even when you don't love yourself
That's what I felt, what I feel and nothing else
It's not a con, not a hustle, not a game
But it is a shame that you can't see it the same...

If ony you could see that you’re beautiful

8. Keep Your Head Right (Keep Your Fist Tight) (ft Akil Dasan & KCB)
Keep your head right, people get tight hitting a red light
Red tape's harder to break through than a lead pipe
You dead wrong if you thing that you strong and that you
Got it going on cause you swing a baton
Every so called rap phenomenon packing a gat
Has got a mask on like comic con
So I'm a kick this faster than the Audubon
Put your hands up stand up man up

We all struggling, fumbling
Gone days of bubbling
Cumbersome to many, few good and plenty,
Due good and ready
Petty cash pennies drab
Action make it happen
Stand up man up fist in the air
A vision rare yeah
Get through this and live right
Nowadays who is
Truth is
We foolish if we sit back react
Brothers and sisters
Form a plan of attack

Yo, you ain't lying, inner-city blues crying
Youth trying to get through to the truth eye-ing
The television at night without blinking
Programmed by the TV to stop thinking
So who's the next expert economist?
Worthless degrees coming outta colleges
Whistle blowers, Wikileaks, Anonymous
Let's go, let's get the money outta politics

The strong survive
Come on thrive time of essence
Stress this
Make moves get through
Do what it do
Don't be cruel in your attempts
If we mash together we can make a dent
Despite plight
Keep ya fist tight and mind right
In hindsight
Things gonna be alright
May take time damage done
Manage son
One day at a time
Stay on your grind

9. Dance With Me (ft KCB & Tukka)
Ayo K! Check dat gal yeh
I see her dancing over there
Hmmm, yo she kinda cute doh
Body tight perfect sight bro, my type bro
Cha! She’s more my type dan your type
But if you like we g’wan see who she’s leavin’ with tonight
Tonight? The odds in my favor, just got paid, sipping a drink I gave her
K! Ya love play too much
Ya can’t see how de Tukka have de golden touch
She's too much just watch her move, hypnotic feeling the groove
Bass hard but she’s so smooth
Glide so free, baby dance with me

I’ve never seen a girl like this before
De way she move, command de dancefloor
Me tell you know something
If I ever getta hold no me nah let go fe sure
Well wild but I like her style
Better physic a wid de cutest smile
Too hot fe any man to avoid
But only de Tukka can tame dis feline

Moves seductive I love it
We should dance between sheets and roll beneath covers
Real talk, we should be lovers
Save the last dance for me
Dismiss others
Tonight's the night cool vibe moods right,
Spread your wings let's take flight to the dance floor
Take a chance with me, don't front
Baby dance with me

Goin’ in now! All guns blazin’
Drinks at de ready no complainin’
Dis chick she must be deportee, escapee?
Why, she won’t even dance with me!

Ambiance, hit the bar
Turn around she's in view, with it too
Where to? The dance floor
Cut a rug, kind of bugged see
She wants to dance with me

10. What Would You Do? (ft KCB, Tukka & Akil Dasan)
My last day on earth I'd curse
Reverse that give praise for birth
Nurture my seeds fulfill their needs
Sip yak blaze weed kiss girl from A-Z
Cop courtside seats at the garden pardon, field level in the Meadowlands, I'm a Jets fan
Gather round fam hope Nana's cooking
Get with my Man's from Queens & Brooklyn
Before tooken bounce uptown
Hit the Bronx and boogie down
Stop and look around
A sense of inner peace finally found
Homeward bound
Love you Ma for holding me down
Kiss the ground and give praise to the
Most High, excuse me as I touch the sky
On my way who knows where to
If you were in my shoes
What would you do?

Last day on Earth, what would you do?

Me last day on Earth
Me nah swerve but observe, watch the world turn
Thank Jah fe life
Me nah lie, my life’s been the best
I’ve been heavenly blessed widda family so tight
And if it’s my turn da Lord him dun know
Dat I never made peace wid my pops before he passed
So I’m ready to embrace a de never never
If fire a burn den you know say it far from clever
But if de cellos are playin’ and Master Jay says “Walk This Way”
Den I know dat I’m ok
I’m gonna sit down and jam wid my family
Prepare a my life as you stand for my eulogy
Reason with my Prince and my Princesses
The world is yours, live life to the fullest
Hold a party so big for years to come dem a talk
If that was you, what would you do?

Last day on Earth, what would you do?

My last day on earth, I'd go to work
Kissing my wife and hanging out with my baby girl
It's a crazy world, but I would celebrate life
Wit the fam, a live band and whoever I like
I would make peace with all my enemies and exes
Confess my sins, express regrets in
A freestyle rap, a joyful noise
Afterwards I give toys to the boys and girls
Bittersweet, sad and grateful
But why waste time being mad and hateful?
I’m at the playground pushing daddy's angel
On the swing set, I’d be glad that day too
Call me crazy but why's that koo koo?
Your life’s gonna end like a clip on YouTube
Might as well fill it with the people that you choose
Your mama, and your papa.
But what would you do?

Last day on Earth, what would you do?

11. Are You Nuts? (ft KCB)
You out your mind
Ain't the time right now schizo I'm being kind
You might be a little off I'm feeling fine
Take a break think about it
Come back rewind
You must be bugging cousin
How you figure never there over here when you wasn't
Who gonna fall for that, huh?
Who gonna take the rap? Me?
Never that back up thinking backwards,
All that smoking must have cracked up
Out your mind don't make me act up
Come round strapped up
That's what's up
New York state of mind, unconfined
At the drop of a dime, no lie
If I were you I'd lay in the cut and shut up,
What are you nuts?

You’re out of touch
What are you nuts?

You must be crazy lost your wits
Whatever you drinking got you blitzed
You get what you get, don't through a fit,
Life's like a bowl of cherries some get the pits, uh
I understand your dilemma
Your thoughts right now, off the Richter
Calm down get yourself contained
Membrane right now far from sane
Sit get a grip, biscuit on hips
Look in your eyes like you bout to flip
Think about your family before you trip,
3 seeds and a wife, fat crib and the whips, uh
Life can be so unkind
Find the beauty within slow it down unwind,
Think about it,
Don't get yourself stuck, give up?
What are you nuts?

You’re out of touch
What are you nuts?

You out your mind, serious?
Get that off your mind, curious?
You don't seem that kind, really miss
A little bump and grind, here he is
Give me your name and number
Truth be told I wanna love ya
You wanna get me in the buff
Muzzle and cuffs?
What are you nuts?

You’re out of touch
What are you nuts?

12. If You’ve Got It Flaunt It (ft Tukka)
I wasn’t born wid no silver spoon
But no me promise fe me mother no fe be no goon
So I studied real hard so I could make some moves
Realise my destination in Italian suits
Red carpet layed on thick wid two or three model chicks
Hmm, I gotta say you know my life’s kinda slick
From rags to riches, from bricks to chips
I’ve earned it, I’m worth it
Now I’m goin’ to flaunt it

Well if you’ve got it and den you flaunt it
You no have it tell dem fe round weh and bite it
Tell dem fe
Doo wap doo wap doo wap doo wap
You no need dem inna your life
Go tell dem move on!

For so many people dem want fe see you fall
But when you pon top dem all want fe hang on
Dem never did deh when you never did have any garms
Just cool and keep calm
Tell de rest fe move on

13. I’m Goin’ (Come Along) (ft Akil Dasan)
I need a visa to ….. Tunisia
To see the beautiful evergreen gardenias
The palm trees, minarets, roman arenas
Smoking a shisha, folks boat in the marinas
The stars shine at night time over the seas a
Few seem to speak to me, through the tropical breeze
A melody so exotic, it invokes amnesia
Singing "forget your troubles, it's a ….. in Tunisia."

I'm going, y'all gonna come along
I'm going, let the band sing along
I'm going, y'all gonna come along
I'm going, and i'm gone

I'm coming and running up over the Mediterranean beaches
I'm ready to get up and make it known I can't make it a secret
Who better to lead you people through the streets as old as Egypt
Than a poet with a flow that's never gonna go to pieces
‘Cause in a jam, I'm your man, I can get it in
Through the sand, a caravan through a desert wind
Better bring, a guide along like a Bedouin
On a elephant with a band like Ellington

I'm going, y'all gonna come along
I'm going, let the band sing along
I'm going, y'all gonna come along
I'm going, and i'm gone

The moonlight falls over the sand dunes
The tan youth singing folk songs command you
To dance, to the hypnotic and brand new
Improvisations of a strange land you
Might wanna stay awhile, so let's face it
This is a paradise, an exotic oasis
The people walking around with a smile on their faces
Just bring the track back if you need a vacation ‘cause…

14. You’ll Never Come Close (ft KCB)
Beyond your thinking
Abort mission
Switch up your game
You're too far back uh
Need to catch up
But can't cut the mustard
Come off too sick
Jump off too quick yeah
Without a care no worries
No hurry take my time with this
Lie in the abyss
Pissed get a grip think career switch
Face off face to face
No way near this

Too far ahead to catch
Passport full of stamps
Champ bias
Off flying once the blicky fires
Depart given your headstart
Head pass steadfast that's life
You're dead last
Bet cash down on it rawness
Hare and the tortoise
In exile behind foreign borders
Lord applaud haters
So far ahead can't measure the distance,
No way near this

They come around but they never come close to
Too mobile worldwide bicoastal global,
My thinking in a different time zone
Steps ahead roam GMS phone yeah
I'm over here you're there local cat
Local raps,
I'm astray off the beaten path out the way,
Appear flip then gears shift
Face off face to face
No way near this