Say What!?

Us3 2007

say what
Say What!? Us3 2007

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Track Listing
1. Say You Belong To Me
2. Man On Top
3. ABC (Listen Up)
4. Afrodisiac
5. I Don't Care
6. VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?)
7. Truth & Lies
8. Intoxicated
9. The Day That I Died
10. How 'Bout It Baby?
11. If You Don't Know
12. I'll Be Right Back
13. Money On My Mind

Album Lyrics

Say You Belong To Me
Boy I know that where we are is just the place to be
It seems like everything around is gone
It’s just you and me
It’s time for the show
We can do whatever just feel free
Let’s take the time to read each other’s minds, it’s on
I know that you’ve been watching me
I can see that it’s more than just a crush
I know where you’d like to be
I want you in my arms and feel your touch
I have been waiting for so long
It’s now or never before the time is gone
I’ll give you everything you need
If you tell me you belong to me

Say you belong to me
Don’t you know that I want you for myself?
I know that you’re watching me
Don’t you know that it’s you and no one else?
Say you belong to me
Don’t you know that I want you for myself?
Baby don’t you be shy with me
Just say you belong to me

Say what?

We’re getting close
I can feel the heat under my feet
Take it slow
Whisper in my ear softly
Baby tonight
It’s only your voice I wanna hear
I’ll make you feel right
As long as you belong to me


Boy you know that I can read your mind
And your attention is so plain to see
But tonight I wanna take my time
I want you to look in my eyes and read
Boy you know that I can take your mind
And turn you into anything I want you to be
But tonight I wanna hear you say it
Say you belong to me


Man On Top
This is just a little message to the man on top
Everyone wants to get their hands on what you got
They stand and they watch
They plan and they plot your demise
Now they got their eyes on your prize
‘Cause you’re the baddest around
The cat’s meow
Walking ‘round town like “look at me now”
With every good reason to be happy and proud
You’ve worked hard and now you stand out in the crowd
But some will work harder to bring you down
Than to pick themselves up off of the ground
So keep your head high but not in the clouds
Stay humble and it won’t all come crumbling down
So be careful who you meet on the way to the top
They’ll be the same ones you see on the day that you drop
Because what goes around comes around
And what goes up must come down

Everybody wants to stop the man on top
Everyone takes their shot at the man on top
They all await his drop, the man on top
So they can claim the spot as the man on top

As they say, move your feet you lose your seat
Be careful who you meet and who you mistreat
Not everyone will have your best interests at heart
They’ll build you up to break you down then rip you apart
And you worked really hard to get where you are
Now here you are, damn near a star
But as celebrity grows jealousy shows
It’s getting hard to even tell your friends from your foes
Sometimes it’s the ones that you least expect
Won’t show their true colors til you reach success
So twinkle twinkle little star
Oh how they wonder how to get where you are
So be careful who you meet on your way to the top
They’ll be the same ones you see on the day that you drop
Because what goes around comes around
And what goes up must come down


Now wait just a second
I wanna state for the record
Something’s wrong here
And I came to address it
Just a little message
Directed to all you fellas
When a woman’s on top
Men tend to get jealous
And try to discredit our efforts
We made it on our merits
But you wonder “how’d she get it?”
And who she slept with
To all you sexists that question our successes
We ain’t gonna stop
The top is where we’re headed

It’s the woman on top
And now we ain’t gonna stop
It’s the woman on top
Hey man on top, I got your spot


ABC (Listen Up)

Akil Boldly Calculates Dope Elegant Flows
Grooving Hard Improvising Jazz, Kicking Lyrical Modes
Never Operating Petty, Questioning Rap Styles
Teaching Unique Vocabulary, With Xenophiles
You Xerox Wonderful Vivid Unique Tracks
Sling Raps; Quit Poaching Our Nasty Masterful Lack-a-daisical Killer Jams
It’s Home Grown Fam
Everybody Dance, Chill, Believe And

Love – Let’s Overcome Violent Egos
Hate – Hurts Anyone, Torturing Equals
Peace – Pretty Easy After Calling Everyone

I hope you paid attention cause I’m already done
So check it

After Birth Comes Death Eventually
Fools Gamble
Happiness Ignores Jealousy
Kids Lose Melodies
Nations Overemphasize Penalties
Quietly Ruining Societies Tremendously
Us3 Visited Wembley… and XYZ

It’s just a gimmick
You’re looking for the next hot beat
You got the fever; you needed a prescription of listening
Forget the cowbell cause I’m not Bruce Dickinson

Alright I ran through the alphabet, better break it down a bit
Copycats kicking sloppy raps sound counterfeit
But there’s more than one way to skin a cat
That’s why I brought it back to where the beat is at
Third times the charm, so clap if you feel me black
We get the dough, like ray, I wanna hear me flat
Cause that’s the black key hidden in my harmony
The rhythm is a part of me
Embedded in my arteries
I double it up I’m ready to rush and steadily bust it
So lemme discuss this ruckus while the critics get disgusted
It’s a cliché but gimme the microphone and gimme some leeway
And give Us3 us free like we were Cinque
With a dope Philly flow off the top like a toupé
And something well wicked from the blokes in the UK
You put it all together with a suitable aesthetic
For a beautiful, unusual and musical poetic…

I don’t need to dine by candlelight
Wine or Barry White to set the mood off right
All I need is you tonight
You’re an afternoon delight
You whet my appetite so let me have a bite
The sex is outta sight
You know just how I like it
And didn’t have to be told
We go to bed but we don’t get much sleep though
Eyes can’t keep closed, my own private peep show
She knows how to stroke more than my ego
You’re a torpedo heading straight for my libido
Hitting below the belt, what a deep blow she dealt
We both just melt in the heat of passion
I see it happen over and over in my head it’s like a re-enactment
Of my wildest dreams
It’s like a scene from a movie screen
Erotic beauty queen
It don’t take much to get me in the mood
All you have to do is walk in the room

You’re a natural afrodisiac

Damn I never felt like that before
I just left and now I’m at your door back for more
I’m not asking for a lot just all you’ve got
First time I saw you my jaw just dropped cause you’re so hot
Close your door; make sure it’s locked
Cause your way’s unorthodox
When your neighbours called the cops they all just watched
And I ain’t wanna stop
Nothing can keep me back cause she’s a natural afrodisiac

Your lovemaking’s breathtaking
I’m left shaking in front of the bed pacing
Just waiting for the next occasion
I’m usually very patient but now my belly’s aching
Butterflies in my stomach, I’m lovesick, you’re my medication
No love potion’s this potent
You got me open; I’m hotter than molten lava
That’s how ya got my juices flowing
An explosion of emotion, the dam’s broken
No holding back I’m ready to blow my stack

You’re a natural afrodisiac

You’re like a book, X-rated
I look through your pages
Almost fainted when I saw you naked
I’m like a boy and you’re my favorite toy to play with
A joy you make it to call you lover
Cause you work wonders under the blanket
So let’s get physical
I wanna get your whole body under the mistletoe and kiss it slow
Starting with your toes
Then work my way up your curves til I struck a nerve
I feel like such a perv
That’s what you do to me
But don’t stop you do it beautifully
I don’t know if it’s love or lust
But oh what a rush
Just your touch does so much
Even brushing up against me accidentally
Sends me into a frenzy no matter how gently
That’s why I never took viagra
Cause all I have to do is look atcha

You’re a natural afrodisiac

I Don’t Care
He was raised by the radio and television
To earn his loot shoplifting and he’s selling ism
He never knew any better that’s the way he’s living
You see his father’s not around cause he went to prison
He’s got a mindstate torn in a civil war
And he’s gonna solve all his problems at the liquor store
He does what he wants
You tell him that it’s immature
But you can’t handle all the places that he’s been before
Like watching his brother die from a stray bullet
Trying to live a short life to the very fullest
Gold chains, he’s got a Range Rover with rims
He’s got a new leather jacket and a closet of Tims
It’s the American nightmare
And you might care
But he’s a cold calculating con artist
He’s like “yeah? Come over here”
BANG! And it’s over tonight yeah
I guess you had it coming cause nobody here fights fair
He’s walking down the bombed out blocks without cops
And gets props for telling fiends where to cop rocks
Trust is a luxury and he’s too cheap
Cause his moms is checking his pockets whenever he sleeps
He’s got a chip on his shoulder, a monkey on his back
He needs to smoke weed so he started selling crack
He’s living in the struggle; he’s used to despair
You can look into his eyes and he’s never scared
He’s thinking

I don’t care

She ran away from the pain at an early age
From a father with a problem and a dirty place
She tried school but the bars made it like a cage
And she could make mad money from a pretty face
Without a pimp she was raped by a group of guys
And they laughed when she cried out to the sky
But the stars and the heavens never intervened
Now she’s got a son even though she’s seventeen
In the scene she’s a queen but it doesn’t last
When her boyfriends start paying her with crack
In her dreams she can fly, now it’s more than that
She gets high every time she gets on her back
Now the drug keeps calling, she can’t escape
Nobody wants to keep paying her the same rate
Because it’s not the same face, not the same waist
But she needs even more of the same base
She was forced to find a way to satisfy the urge
She starts selling every gift that she ever earned
And then she turns every trick that she’s ever learned
Lighting up the glass pipe until her fingers burned
She’s a fiend for the rock and she can’t stop
She tries to sell her own son when goes to cop
And all the guys stop calling and they don’t stare
She’s got a jones for the dope and she won’t share
She’s thinking

I don’t care

VIP (Can You Hear Me Now?)
Can you hear me now?
Can you feel me now?

She’s a freak in NYC
Hanging in the VIP
And you know she’s trying to sleep with MVPs
To get into the BIZ
But lemme tell you
I feel nice when I sip some water with some ice
So if you wanna hold me tonight
You don’t have to ask me for the price


Getting in a club isn’t hard to do
I can rock for the block party barbecue
I’m not another freak in the VIP
Trying to get free drinks with my TITs
I’m unimpressed by material excess
So gimme the microphone and let your stereo check this
You wanna dance?
Get on your feet
All I need is a band and I get on the beat
I feel fine watching you all waiting on the line
I don’t need your fancy wine
To show that I know about life


Big willying in the VIP
I got a big willy watch but it still ain’t free
I got a really big whip for my PYT
But then it ran outta gas so it’s BYE
I wanna floss like BIG-GIE
And party til I DIE
I won’t stop til I drop, I’m a PIG
You DIG the rhythm that I BIT
You wanna ask me to see ID? No!
There goes the bartenders TIP bro
You don’t know me, I’m a VIP
I just wanna big piece of the PIE
I get down cause I’m digging the sound
I wiggle around and rock to the rhythm
I found a way to move the crowd and it sounds divine
My nouns combine in ways to astound your mind
I got no time to fake, no cake to waste
Don’t hate the way that I make breaks relate to words
And it seems absurd but still makes sense
I got much more to say and it’s really intense
So yo, get ready to get up, get ready to listen
Cause I just delivered a rhythm for your criticism
Yeah, I can’t change who’s saying my name
But player haters can’t hate it
I ain’t playing a game


Truth & Lies
A child is born with no state of mind
Blind to the ways of mankind
But I can’t find the words that properly describes
The problems that arise
So I gotta decide to either keep it bottled inside or swallow my pride
But I got God on my side I’m a follow his guide
So I got down on my knees, apologized
For all the times my son looked in his fathers eyes and saw the lies and alibis
Next day to my surprise when I woke at sunrise
I saw my son rise right next to me
Put his hands on my head and said to me
In a voice best described as heavenly:
“The truth shall set you free”
“Stop letting me walk around with blindness on
I’m relying on you to teach me right from wrong
Cause one day I’ll be gone, won’t be a child for long
You’ve found your words, now go write your song”

Who, what, when, where, why?
How do I find which way to reply?
Ask me no questions I’ll tell you no lies
Surprise, the truth’s right in front of your eyes

Riddle me this
You see a man slitting his wrists
And he’s rich
Beautiful women wanna give him a kiss
He was given a gift but it wasn’t something he wished
He’d rather throw it all away for some ignorant bliss
To exist or not to exist?
That’s a question I try to resist
Deep like a bottomless pit
So I swallow my pride and follow my wits
My motto is this: Hold your head high
You could call it a risk
But if I can’t live on my feet I’ll die on my knees
Sowing the seeds of the struggle, I gotta be free
Or better yet I gotta be me
I gotta believe that if the truth is a lie then knowledge is key
So yo, gimme the question and let me dissect it
My questions are deeper than my jealousy’s best diss
An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind
I gotta find what I seek or I’ll never respond


We’ve been lied to, we got reparations due
While you’re at it, where’s our 40 acres too?
Save the mule?
In fact you can save the bull
Why should we believe anything you say is true?
Been waiting too long man, them days are through
We no longer cater to red, white & blue
I posed those same questions to you-know-WHO
He said: “Ask not WHAT your country can do for you”
I said well WHEN exactly you gonna do for us too
And WHERE will we be when it finally comes through
Forget it, I don’t know WHY I’m asking you
You stole our ballots too
We know HOW you do

The proud and few, we never ever doubted you
Until we found out how your accountants grew fat from laying us flat
Taking the rap obeying your crap
Seeing the real reason that we’re breaking our backs
And yo, we wanna know why the leaders are gone
People can die, corporations treat us as pawns
You can see that it’s wrong but you let them lead us along
They’re the same corporations that you need to be strong
And I know that it’s a game
Truth is I shoulder the blame
I’m just another con artist making a claim
I know I need more than my words working for change
It makes me frustrated that I’m seeking personal gain
But tell me


Sitting here wondering how to find a way
Can’t get rid of this feeling
Take him out of my head
I don’t know
I can’t find the words to say
Would I be falling in love with?
Someone that I hate
My arms my lungs my blood my heart
It’s ruling every single part
Going through my veins like a poison
I’m breathing in I’m breathing out
Trying to push him back so hard
Gotta find my way out of this prison

I’m intoxicated
Falling slowly
I’m intoxicated
Someone save me

I think about him and I still don’t understand
He’s holding my spirit in the palm of his hand
I’m possessed, defenceless
Feels like he’s running after me
Can somebody set me free?


Intoxicated, slowly falling more and more
Someone set me free
Don’t wanna surrender to love
My arms my lungs my blood my heart
It’s ruling every single part
Going through my veins like a poison
I’m breathing in I’m breathing out
Trying to push him back so hard
Gotta find my way out of this prison


The Day That I Died
The day that I died kids were playing outside
The sun was out, folks taking a drive to the countryside
No-one cried, or even realized I was ever alive
No one recognized that bum on the train slumming for change
Stumbling in pain, but we are one and the same
Before today I had a name
Corporal Willie James, I flew fighter planes
You know, in the big one
No, no not this one, not as many victims
I was a kid then
Given my missions, I didn’t pick them
It was either that or prison
So I chose enlistment
See I killed for the GI bill
There’s no need to read my will
I couldn’t leave nothing but a button
And got no-one left but a cousin
And he ain’t coming
On the day that I died

I’ve been laying here for quite a while
I guess it’s been a long time since the day that I died
They never understood, neither did I
They said I had it all but was acting like a child
I played a deadly game against myself
Stared in my reflection looking for someone else
Starved myself to find a way to satisfy
All the voices arguing inside my mind

The day that I died nobody came to my side
Birds stayed in the sky, bees celebrated the hive
My inner child cried and I must hate him inside
I tried so hard to kill him when I was alive
See sometimes death wears a disguise
Just another guy that was once careful and wise
Now I got nurses afraid to stare in my eyes
It hurts to leave my parents alive
Living with the lies that I tried to hide
Not to mention the lovers that I sentenced to death
With my penchant for sex
Sweet words and a tender caress
Guilty of innocence and I meant to confess
Maybe next time I’ll remember to check
Unfortunately next time will never be next

How ‘Bout It Baby
New York City 2006
I took a little trip downtown to the Fish
And as I walked in before I ordered my drink
I caught a glimpse of a beauty that tickled me pink
So listen
She walked by right in front of the jukebox
My jaw dropped, seemed like even the tune stopped
We exchanged a glance
I took a chance and followed her to make an advance
Cause I could not control it
I knew that she could see I noticed it too
And I was hoping that it was more than just another trip to the door
She might as well have been ridin’ a clamshell
And by the inner beauty that a lyricist can’t spell
And even though I knew that she’d probably play me
I was like, “how ‘bout it baby?”

She went outside to talk to a friend
I didn’t wanna interrupt her & try to cut in
But then her friend said hello
She needed a flame and luckily I had a match and I told her my name
And we all chit chatted and we headed inside
I didn’t wanna suffocate her, she was feeling my vibe
So I played the wall
But before she left we had a quick conversation and I was impressed
I said, “What’s your job and whatcha wanna do next? Why d’ya look my way?”
She didn’t wanna say
“What’s your favourite flower? Is it roses?”
I listened up and she took it away
She said, “What’s your sign and what time were you born at? Where did you grow up?”
Leo, 5 and Philly
“What’s your background? How can I describe you?”
A black Jew, I’m silly but how ‘bout it baby?

Even if I knew that she was married when I met her
I could never understand exactly why I sweat her
She got me hot and bothered and she didn’t want a dollar
I wanna thank her mama and her father for the honor
But wait
She’s separated
But I was sorta shallow
I couldn’t escape the fact that I was attracted to her aloe vera
Smooth epidermis
And to this day she makes me nervous
Trying to hide it from her, now I know it really isn’t worth it cause she noticed
To make matters worse she was gorgeous
Mentally as well as all the features on her surface
She was lovely
And even though I knew she didn’t love me
She had a way of making every other beauty ugly
And every time I see her I’m reminded why she makes me smile
She’s got it goin’ on
Every time I see her I’m reminded
She’s the reason that I wrote this song
I said, every time I see her I’m reminded why she makes me smile
She’s got it goin’ on
Every time I see her I’m reminded
She drives me crazy, how ‘bout it baby?

If You Don’t Know

When I think about the branches of my family tree
I see the roots underground in the land of the free
But they were choked by the weeds and the vandalous thieves
Branded and keyed
Beaten like a gamblers knees
I can’t weep for the willow
I’m angry as bees demanding a queen
Trapped by humanity’s greed
I give thanks that my ancestors planted a seed
So I know I can’t sleep til I abandon the dream
I don’t count sheep
I’m living with my eyes open
Trying to laugh and act happy like God’s joking
The poems I rhyme remind me to find hope
And I’m keeping my mind focused following divine motion
But I get paid to glance down over the waves that buried the slaves
And gave evolution a stage
In a plane I can’t fathom or imagine the pain
The same teardrops rage every time that it rains

If you don’t know where you come from
How you’re gonna know how to go through what you go through
(How you gonna know, how you gonna know
If you don’t know where you come from?)

Travelling around the world carrying a heavy weight
Here in this suitcase, the struggles that my family faces
Anywhere that I go I’m still riding the same train
On the same stage in the same play
Even if the faces change
Can I cry when I know the things they’ve been through?
Can I smile when I know how much they cried?
Should I lie to myself when I know the past?
I guess I’ll try my best to carry on
Because I know where I come from


The pain of the past can easily eclipse the present
But raindrops relieve tears like kisses from heaven
And they’re flooding the streets deeper than a busted levy
They try to smile on the news, I don’t trust the TV
Cause there’s another branch breaking and you can’t feel it
And there’s another tree falling and you can’t hear it
We’re the lost generation of youth looking for truth
It’s a strange fruit trying to change suit with the same roots, but yo
Can I cry when I know the things they’ve been through?
Can I smile when I know how much they cried?
Should I lie to myself when I know the past?
I guess I’ll try my best to carry on
Because I know where I come from

I’ll Be Right Back
Friday night and I look nice
The night is mine
Sitting in front of this middle aged guy that I met online
Looking in my eyes when he talks to me
I can see that he’s my type
Thinking to myself am I the kinda clothing that I wanna wear next time
But then the food came out
He was talking with it filling up his mouth
Had a chicken finger falling on my blouse
Hell no I’m not going to your house
There’s been an emergency; I left my poodle in surgery
I gotta leave now but I won’t be long
Where’s the jukebox
Let me play you a song

I’ll be right back

Met a fit woman at the corner store
Told her that I really wanna talk some more
So I took her downtown later on that week
Then it all fell apart when she started to speak
Cause even though she was gentle and cute
All she could talk about was spending my loot
She wanted new boots and a diamond ring
Saying every boyfriend had to buy these things
At the restaurant it was all about the price
Forget about the fact that the food was nice
She ordered every dish that she said she liked
Then the food came out she only took two bites
I wrapped it all up and she started to laugh
Then she took it outside, threw it all in the trash
Thinking that she was moving up in my flat
I had to lie for a second, said I’ll be right back


Yo how’d your date go last week?
Badly actually
Rather gabby, a regular chatty Kathy yapping at me
Like “no man can make me happy”
Going on and on about her baby daddy
Conversation one-sided
She confided all the sick minded things she wanna do to his privates
You know the type
Psycho feminist: “All men are pigs…
Yada yada yada, expletives!”
Don’t need a man, got a job with benefits, got a very big office
She’s a top executive
A man never lived more competitive
That old: “Anything a man do, I can do better” biz
Every word out her mouth was negative
But now I’m just wondering where the exit is
Looked in her face and I lied to her flat
I’d really like to chat but I’ll be right back

Money On My Mind
I’m rich bitch!
So rich it’s disgusting
Call me moneyman
Blow 20 grand like it was nothing
Purchase after purchase
Me return it? Defeats the purpose!
Not concerned with saving
I burn it quick as I earn it
Got the baddest spending habits
The fact is when I die they’ll find no money in my mattress
Spend the last bit on my casket
Adapted Dead Prez’s tactics:
Get some matches, set it
Then spread it around with my ashes
Stack chips like Pringles
Don’t even use singles
Won’t loan out money but throw out twenties if they’re wrinkled
Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
See my mind thinks money
Money all the time

Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
See my mind thinks money
Money all the time
Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
See my mind thinks money
Money every time

Ever since second grade
Getting paid was the gameplan
Watching kids breakdance for money down at Playland
I became a changed man watching change exchange hands
Got a lemonade stand, now I’m a made man
Had 3 summer jobs, 2 paper routes
The 1 kid on the block with his own bank account
0 games in my house cause man that’s for losers
Got my hand on a computer
Started planning for the future
Little man with a business plan
Bill Gates’ biggest fan
Trying to get as rich as I can
But then it ran out, it didn’t pan out
And what’s worse, the dotcom bubble burst
And everybody lost their shirts
I’m out of work
But got a thirst for legal tender
Me surrender?
Getting paid’s still first on the agenda
Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
See my mind thinks money
Money all the time


Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
I thought I’d retire by the time I’m 29
But I fell on hard times
And ain’t got a dime
And it’s all about the bottom line
The dollar sign
Now I got a 9 to 5
Working side by side with those trying to survive
Heads held high with pride
Just happy to be alive
It’s about time I realized
That your true wealth’s inside…
Nah! ‘Cause I
Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
See my mind thinks money
Money all the time
Got my mind on my money
Money on my mind
See my mind thinks money
Money all the time