Broadway & 52nd

Blue Note 1997

Broadway & 52nd

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Come On Everybody (Get Down)
3. Caught Up In A Struggle
4. True To The Game
5. Snakes
6. I'm Thinking About Your Body
7. Grand Groove
8. Nowadays
9. Sheep
10. Doin' A Crime
11. Recognise & Realise
12. Time & Space
13. Soul Brother
14. Hymn For Her



I'm Thinking About Your Body Blue Note 1997
1. Radio edit
2. Blacksmith Remix
3. Us3 Neck Snappin' Mix
4. Us3 Finger Snappin' Mix
5. KMA Conclusion Mix
6. Album Mix


Come On Everybody (Get Down) Blue Note 1997
1. Album Mix
2. Youth In Asia Remix (by Nitin Sawhney)
3. Q-Burn's Abstract Message Remix
4. Radio edit
5. Us3 Tunnel Remix
6. Rickidy Raw Urban Mix (by Sean Mather)
7. Us3 Peppermint Lounge Remix

Album Lyrics

Come On Everybody (Get Down)
Come on everybody, come in here and swing
Everybody come on everybody, come in here and swing

Move to a rhythm that's smooth, made to groove
Work that body baby it's a party
Shake it, funky ain't it?
Yeah, the long awaited return of fluent movement-enhanced music
Ain't nothin' but to do it
Manoeuvre to a sound that's makin' you wanna dance to it
Nod ya head, clap ya hands and shake that ass to it
Hit the floor, it's yours, assuming that's what ya came here for
Why play the wall'n'all
The flavour's so raw get in sync with the sound
Come on and get down


Bounce to a piece that got the spot hoppin'
Bottom to top, top to bottom
Form, a bit of a break from the norm
Converge with a melodic surge and get ya groove on
Amplify the vibe supplied on your hi-fi
Level the bass to coincide with the highs then rise
Partake in a rhythm created to elevate you to a point only we can take you
Notes arranged, grooves interchange
Engage with flav givin' ya what ya crave
Praise the MC that's lacin' ya party
Maintain, do ya dance and don't hurt nobody
As I see bodies bouncing constantly
Ears consume the bom diggy 'til ya city bound
Get in sync with the sound
Come on and get down


Get loose, feel the groove cruise, on a bassline ooze
Sweat drips as the hips of ladies gyrate and the fellas go crazy
What more could ya ask for in a joint that's packin' the floor
Plus a rapper type raw
Define the aspect of rhyme orated
Think how long ya waited to get blessed with innovative style
Providing your motivation
The duration of a jam that sounds so amazing
Cave in get in sync with the sound
Come on and get down

Caught Up In A Struggle
Move with precision
Decisions to make, fakes to shake
Talk a good game but yo your stash ain't no wins
I'm in the biz of makin' it big
And express myself through jams that they even bop to in Japan my man
Change for a dollar so I can make this call
Get my money correct 'cos I been broke too long
Gotta keep it legit, can't be locked for years
Find me a 9 to 5, blood sweat and tears
But can it work boss man
Smack the jerk for tryin' to jerk me
Thinkin' I can't see inconsistency in my currency
Now I'm back out on the street
Walking these dogs for ends meet, life's not sweet
But I still rock rhymes to beats
Put it together maybe we can make an explosion
But it takes time, record labels mess up your mind
You could press rewind and catch a dose one more time

Caught up in a struggle
You got me caught up in a struggle like that man
Caught up in a struggle
You got me caught up in a struggle like that like that

Gimme mine and I'll spark the chart like flint
Money spent back to start
Who wants parts of this
Crisp on compact disk, but don't you diss the vinyl mix
I got the hook up at the crib
That's my escape from this world today
Watch 'em blow up then deflate like a soufflé
I see it every day all day
I'm out for the gold, forget the silver and the bronze
Gotta make dough, send home to wifey and moms
Invest in real estate, computers and all this, plan's flawless
Bumpy roads, I'm ready
So all you fakers get jetty or get chopped up like confetti
I'm on a mission for this permanent position


On the bricks, scuffed up kicks, not a hint of dough
Lost my job, now I'm livin' like a slob
Replan regroup, gotta hook up with my make money troops
Two scoops of loops, studio, time to blow
Hip-hop scene flooded, everybody gettin' blunted
A&R's frontin', guess I gotta prove somethin'
Over percussion, Shabaam Sahdeeq rushin' like the Kremlin
Got MC's tremblin' in their lab, take a stab at me
Superior with word play
Stress overtakes the fakes everyday all day
Rugged like Broadway, no time for horseplay
In the struggle don't you lower your level
Gotta take charge like credit, need to start talkin' aesthetic
'Cos when you lose your chance you will regret it, get it
Lyrics embedded in your head like memories
Remember these Us3 melodies

True To The Game
At age 13 turned fiend, dreamed nights Mcing, reciting Rapper's Delight
Enticed by limelight, ambitious visions of vinyl 12 inches
Since Yellowman was king albino
Critiqued my form of speak
On breakbeats cut on 2 Technics in a basement on 210th street
House jams, parks, block parties, halls and armouries, foremost
Behind the ropes you only spoke if you was dope
Then formed crews, some rappers now retired
My desire required more than a quiet name on flyers
Inspired, remain for delf
Vowing to see the day my records on the shelf
Sold outta HMV and Tower, just how I dreamed
Recall hearing mom scream "Wake up!"
"Stay in school, take up classes, keep your grades up"
But straight up since my mind's been made up to do this
KCB son, ain't new to this I'm true to this

Stay true to the game
I'm out to get the fortune and fame

Time passed yet M.O. remains makin' demos
Though wished behind the windows of a limo
Sippin' champagne producers kicked game - expected
Label execs smirked at hard work, tapes rejected
Connected with Eli perfected
Mikey D and I wrecked it resurrected
Marked the return few expected
Picked up in '89, signed but slipped up
Charted, bigged up
Come to find royalty time, ain't see a dime
For promo shows, though exposed felt cheap
Kicked out the crib to the streets of Medina where I'd sleep
Starvin' regardless
Persist beyond exist to do this
Sons is clueless dun, ain't new to this I'm true to this


The script flips, '96 relationships consist of wisdoms
Wishin' I'd quit, insufficient funds
Silver tongues strung on drums, A1 yet still unsung
Adapt and overcome the aggravation of years ' and heads fakin' jax sayin'
Is it worth the frustration?
It ain't payin' considerably
Lacking consistency, absentee in an industry
Exceeding MC's yet keep strivin' to maintain
Too late in the game to change direction
Sustain flexin' dialect tongue blessin' sessions
Progress in this profession, knowledge the lesson
Let it be known never forgettin'
This ain't no dream
Although it may seem like at times the mic's grabbed up on scenes
True indeed, born to succeed
My mind is made up to do this
KCB son, ain't new to this I'm true to this

Headz be talkin' ' bout this and that behind backs, chit chat
Speakin' on shit that's off track lackin' the facts
In my face ya crack smiles all the while
File vile data, scattering lies for miles, I know your style
Jealous of me the face seen on screens
KCB's the MC son, you wish could be
See but can't, my man's plan rant, slanderous enhanced chants
Planted to lance by chance ruining my stance
I should blast ya ass kid
Talkin' that smack, yet hold back, bids is wack
In fact carefully planned attack
In our midst exist viperous heads who hiss
Slither, committed to trick
Wisdom, venomous spit

We parted ways way back, my ex, that's that, now backchat
Rumours and all of that
Why lie, stabbin' my back?
Puttin' me down 'round peeps I know in town ain't how I gets down baby
Lounge and lose your frown
Seekin' revenge through friends, but since?
Since when all this shit began baby
Diss this? Think again
Replaced to date, fake two face chasin' papes
Escaped that fate, but wait, who's callin' who to date?
Your snake facade, see through your camouflage
On guard beyond your charm lies evil layin' calm
In our midst exist viperous heads who hiss
Slither, committed to trick
Wisdom, venomous spit

Who thinks they know me to speak on what eyes don't see
BK to Queens keeps biz from off the streets
Round the way he say, relay all day
Headz, bald to dread, spread words other men said
Implanter of lies, spies, serpents in disguise
Gemini two sided, false implies
In our midst exist viperous heads who hiss
Slither, committed to trick
Wisdom, venomous spit

I'm Thinking About Your Body
Oh baby I'm thinking about your body
Oh baby I'm thinking about your face

Pull up a seat let's have a drink and talk
How'd I find you outta all the women in New York
You walk and talk so refined, picture you being mine
I think it's time, but I don't wanna play mine
So I step to the rear just a little to see if you follow
Then I know it's a give and take situation
My time's very valuable, don't wanna waste it, but I can taste it
Meaning that the future can hold a lot for us
Things we discuss make Dr Ruth blush, keep it hush
Put you on a pedestal, treat you like the queen you are
Never be too far apart from your heart


I can feel her in the party even though I don't see her
Her vibes and mine intertwine like locks
At the table I watch
She's gonna step in my vision, appear like a genie
Ready to grant my wishes
Future mother of my seeds indeed we must breed
And bring forth the cream of life with no fights
Last through the stormy weather, still together
'Til death us do part was in my heart from start
But then there's the pain you get before you gain
Hold on tight, don't wanna sleep alone tonight
She reflects my light, in she I see heaven
When making love I escape from hell on earth
Intoxicating, I fiend for the touch
Hush hush is how I keep it, she can't know I'm a lush
Thinks she knows what I like, reads my mind like a book
See I'm thinking 'bout her body 'cos she got me hooked


I'm thinking 'bout her body, curves make my vision blur
Her conversation got me intoxicated
Trippin' like booby traps, she made my heart collapse
Perhaps this is not what I really need
Maybe I might be speedin', in her hands I'm feedin'
But moms raised no fool, keep it cool and don't drool
Is it mutual?
My head is filled with thoughts
How'd I find her outta all the women in New York?

Grand Groove
Since before my adolescence remembrance of you commences
Will never forget how you taught a scrub to catch and connect with pitchin'
We'd sit and watch the Mets and Yankees
As bad as I was, can't remember if ya spanked me
While babysittin' this nigga, you became a father figure
Mowed the lawn with ya whenever
Bourbon was your liquor
Who'd figure the strongest man I knew could have a bad ticker
And the last time we'd see each other was Christmas '95
Without ever havin' a chance to say goodbye
You left the summer of '96, the 1st of July
Now reside in peace, released from all the pressure and pain
Your grandson proclaims the name Nelson forever reigns

Grand groove, King of my crew
Grand groove, I dedicate this to you

You moved from Queens to Tennessee when in my mid-teens, later Atlanta
Adopted Eileen when she was umpteen
Provided cream for your fam for years, retired
Now I understand what it is to be a man upon this planet
Took for granted the times you'd trip to NY on vacation
Thinkin' you'd be around for ever, probably neglected you unconsciously
The thought of me Mcing made ya bug, vividly at times
Imaging our last hug is bugged
Don't seem to realise you ain't comin' back
A routine check. How, while getting' dressed, did stress give you a heart attack?
Now reside in peace, released from all the pressure and pain
Your grandson proclaims the name Nelson forever reigns


We laughed for hours when you fell from off that bicycle
'Til tears trickled down my face
Memories never erased, laced with wisdom
Reflect up on my upbringing
Remember, you never missed a day
My school had me singing, forever in my heart
Never forget how much I love you
Thinkin' of you I miss the times together
Where it's better
You now reside in peace, released from all the pressure and pain
Your grandson proclaims the name Nelson forever reigns

Can't comprehend, dividends end friendships
Infinite kinships dismissed amidst dead presidents exist
Poor peeps is pissed, the rich benefit taxes
Passes all access lavish
Extracting cabbage from famished rabbits
Crime runnin' rampant attracting active young minds
Habit cash a magnet
Magnetising addicts havin' and who haven't ends
Back-stabbing friends
Women jockin' who got it, no Benz no yacht kid
Nah kid pockets get clocked kid before ya knock it, uh!
Nowadays we're raised to praise it, save it if phrase fits
Unappraised gaze enslaved by crave depraving shit
And yet we livin'
Sittin' within a world where greed has proceeded the act of givin'
And it's a given

Nowadays it seems like we in the last phase, maybe it's me
Nowadays it seems like we in the last phase, could it be?

Sisters and brothers where's the love of one another
Discovering others of us dumber prejudice to colour, creed and religion
Driven hate within innocent children
Stop the killin', instil goodwill, we all be chillin', building then seal it
Surrealist revealing since the wheel hit, hearts conceal it
When death hits other men how many feel it?
Envy alive and rising, hatred has mankind declining
Keep in mind when time ends
If orange as fossil findings, why then unkind when combined?
Vibin' peacefully is needful, regal or not, people created equal
Ain't no sequel
Believe to exist the positive needed
As evil retrieves negative energy and feeds it baby peep it


Life ain't twice a lifetime, dice rollin', survivin'
Confined in gunfire, crime thrivin', and babies whining
Narcotics, sirens, entwined Aids-related death findings
Eyeing lab mice with virus, mesmerising minds of science
Blood pressure rising, unwinding while sippin' what could be blinding
Genocide's incog in spots we unlikely to find in
Combined with stress, sublime bottom line forming a hybrid
It's like, kid, you gotta fight it son
Weak lose and strong survive it
As pushers lure without a pause, what you diggin' digs in it's claws
Dimes on corners offer draws, the score's uneven
Leavin' me feelin' someone's cheatin'
What we teachin' in schools been used for the wrong reasons, defeating the purpose

Walking, thinking, feeling, responding
Uncovering and discovering new things about myself and this mad world around me
Many philosophies, many tongues, many dialects and tones
Different styles but wild is wild, calm is calm, but cool is mature
Most cool cats are kids at heart
Now there's business along with the art
A chef with words, a chef with herbs, a chef with vegetables, soy products and bean curd
Some look at my face and say you're quite absurd
And I say why, 'cos I'm not down with the herd?

Of the world I haven't seen much, but with the mind I escape the ghetto's clutch
Loose cigarettes, ass bets on celo games, abandoned cars and colourful names on walls
Suburb days were filled with sun rays and crooked cops who looked at me sideways
Singin' that same old song, where ya from, 'cos round here you don't belong
Long strolls unravel my soul like a scroll telling many stories untold
But some look at my face and say you're quite absurd
And I say why, 'cos I'm not down with the herd?

I an' I light up the sky, who be the sun, to stir up your adrenaline like African drums
Status quo, no. Along with the grain, no. I got my own flow
Similar to none, dangerous like itchy fingers on guns, yet graceful like swans
But there's a built in bomb
Must defuse, must choose, right or wrong, win or lose
Born to die, that's why I ask why is it so hard to get a piece of the pie
Some look at my face and say you're quite absurd
And I say why, 'cos I'm not down with the herd?

Doin' A Crime
Action packed black Mac10, Junior & his friend
Not a pot to piss in, starvin' brothers on a mission
Half past two, William planned to rob the toll booth GW bridge
Got the weapon concealed, nothin' to lose
They choose to break the rules at all cost
Stick 'em in Jersey, hit the other side to New York
Black and red leather suits and black biker boots
One got the gun, the other one controls the motorbike
Adrenaline pumpin', dreams of cash
Anybody tryin' to stop them's getting' lead in their face, believe that
Black pack on his back ready for loot to fill
What a thrill they gonna be robbin' that booth for real

Doin' a crime, shakin' a dice, takin' a chance
You might get away or get locked for life
Doin' a crime, shakin' a dice, takin' a chance
You might get away or just lose your life

Helmets on racin' down route 4, Junior pushin' the bike, Ike totin' the Mac
No time to be scared
"When we on 'em point it at 'em, tell 'em to fill the bag 'cos we not getting' had"
By this time it's 5.30, rush hour's thick
So they weave through the cars, get to the toll booth quick
"It's a chick!"
He put it to her head and said, "It's a stick, fill the bag, big bills, put the ones in my hands, we out!"
With the cops on their trail, dippin' and swervin', almost crashed right into a rail
Sweatin' like hell, they're not even tryin' to see jail
'Cos they pulled the sting and robbed the toll booth for real


Jumior weavin' through the cars, speed the cops can't catch
But they're gainin' on 'em, Ike got a plan for that
Throw the ones in the air, all the cars hit the brakes
So they could get out and get some, the cops look dumb
Because they couldn't get through, people blocked the path
So Junior and Ike hit the west side fast
They got their gear stashed somewhere near the train, smooth getaway
Ready to take the loot to the brain
Change their clothes, ditch the bike, Ike tripped in the trash
"Keep it movin', gotta get the loot to the lab"
Breathin' heavy, movin' quickly, situation's sticky
The whole mission was ill, they got away smooth for real

Recognise and Realise
Recognise and realise
We all need peace
Recognise and realise

I spit lingo that's universal
Each verse'll convey Zimbabwe to Afghanistan in reversal
Burst through racial barriers, Capricorn through Sagittarius
From various areas mingle
Understood 'cos I'm bilingual
In every country K makin' the honey's jingle with what I sprinkle on a single now
Throw a hand in the air and keep it high, symbolising the vibe together
With sound that unifies humanity as family regardless of nationality
I see black and white side by side with Swede and Japanese
Partyin' hardy to the rhythm
Displayin' universal unification has been risen, yeah


From NY to the most high, mountains of Bangladesh
Me and my clique we speak peace
But I believe we gots to unify my peeps first, then embrace the world at it's worst
Through your town by the speed of sound
How can we work this, no prejudice
Debate amongst skin tones and origins, begin again
I'm sendin' 'em a memorandum, enough to inform 'em
Through jazz loops I warn 'em
We got to come together from the como estas to the arriverderci
I bet they felt me
Commercial or underground I bet the sound pounds
So clap your hands and give my man from the band a standing ovation in every nation


We turn it out without a doubt
Shouts to the East coast, West, North and South
Rockin' the house without discrimination
Every nation under the groove, whether be African or Asian
Embracing the sound that makes the world get down
Provided for the masses from miles around
Find peace of mind and unwind with this rhyme given, combined with rhythm
Makin' y'all refrain from sittin'
The place is here, get up out ya chair
To where no worries and party like ya just don't care
Music the universal language we all understanding
What it's aim is will forever entertain us

Time And Space
Time and space, percussion and bass
The whole world's moving at a blindin' pace
Life's a card game, tryin' to hold the ace
See you might get erased in this great paper chase

Open up your brain cavity, gravity pulls my direction
Got somethin' to say plus the trom like Dr Bombay
You goin' my way 'cos life is just like a highway
Ya either with me or not 'cos SS blows the spot
Through the roof of your club or the back of your shack
Sinister V's on attack no matter what you pack
A different species of ill MCs them G's gotcha box on 10
In your mix tape blend
You can philosophise, see my plans' to make my fam rise
Put some bread on the table in a house that's stable
Ain't nothin' changed but dimes and quarters, you know the orders
I sting international style when I'm buckwild


I shake the house down with sound
Some say it's ridiculous, some they sleep on this
Bound to hit 'em dead centre, not the best but not the worst
Sahdeeq'll hit 'em with a verse of flavour
Catch it now take it home, think about it later
I rock for brothers in Pintos to Mazeratis
Hotties with thick bodies, drinking nectar in the shady sector in the summer
I catch a flow like a canoe going down the river
Pass them snakes that slither
Deliver realness in any words I spit
Legit vocalist straight from the abyss
To my peeps across the globe I say peace
And that's the absence of all confusion, just cruisin'


You could camouflage the truth but it still comes through in what you do
B after A and you'll C
Write rhymes for peeps on the street not what the company thinks, just finance
So I could shake the dance like wet pants
You had a hit once but now you rock the dunce cap
'Cos you don't know nothin' about where this form began
Got you all in check like whoo hah, shut down all the hoopla
You now wanna come back like you're really my pal
But I peeped your whole style, defecate on your pile
Top of your heap leavin' your whole crew cheap
Lost for words, I breathe thoughts never heard by man
Foil ya plan and disappear in the sands of

Soul Brother
The virtuoso untold impresario of sound
Composed from within enclosed now unfolds, toes tap as a reaction
Adapting to patterns of rhythm
Diggin' what the soul brother givin' em
Let your mind connect to the injection in your ear
As the architects flex on his set, skills of inner depth with no slack
Observe a brothers essence who in fact been in existence before rap
The soul brother
For years officially instilling original fulfilling rhythmical joints to listen to
Non individual abettor assisting whomsoever, clever
Wack this brother? Never!
Bodies sway when he plays, since the days of way back
Still today he'll lay tracks that's fat when weighed in, chill
Soul brother on this number
Give 'em a taste hit 'em and lace 'em with the rhythm

Soul Brother's on the scene
The soul brother
We combine a rocket for your mind, one time a true mastermind
Soul Brother's on the scene
The soul brother, one of a kind, no other
Genuine, out of line, keepin' the rhythm on time

The soul brother, no other keeps ya movin'
Groovin' to a tune there ain't a sound more soothin'
Oozin' over vibin' he's supplyin', find him chart-climbing
Proving two men who ain't losin' the game, instead sustain endeavour
Whenever we're together soul flows til tunes close sever
Recognise the steel as concealed thoughts unveil
Then reveal what you feel from within, peel
KCB is who this, new to this is ludicrous
I'm true to this game, retain
Who is the brother of soul, solely?
No, in reality many be being, though no-one and only
Bodies sway when he plays, since the days of way back
Still today he'll lay tracks that's fat when weighed in, chill
Soul brother on this number
Give 'em a taste hit 'em and lace 'em with the rhythm


The innovator, creator of audio gold
Kept on your toes by what he has composed, talent exposed
Technics co-ordinated with precision
Catering to whatever flav you're listening to
Bodies sway when he plays, since the days of way back
Still today he'll lay tracks that's fat when weighed in, chill
Soul brother on this number
Give 'em a taste hit 'em and lace 'em with the rhythm